Rollers Moving Box Guide – What’s Used For What

Packing your home to move involves an important set of decisions. How you pack makes a big difference in your entire moving experience. You don’t want any box to be too heavy, and all your boxes should be stable when packed into the truck. A big part of this is choosing the right box for everything you pack. What goes in each size of moving box? Let’s go down the list for a quick and easy packing strategy.  

Rollers Moving Box Guide – What’s Used For What

Large Moving Boxes

  • LxWxH = 18″x24″x18″

The largest moving boxes are only for light and fluffy items like bedding, pillows, and stuffed animals. Even packing folded clothing into these can make them so heavy that the bottom falls out or someone can get hurt trying to move them. Large moving boxes can sometimes be used for very light small appliances, like toaster ovens, that are mostly air compared to the volume.

Medium Moving Boxes

  • LxWxH = 18″x18″x16″

Medium moving boxes are your “almost everything” size. A medium box packed with clothes will be heavy, but easily moved by a strong adult or in stacks with a vertical dolly.

You can pack clothes, bedding, toys, decorations, games and movies, and small appliances into medium moving boxes. You can also use medium moving boxes as dish boxes with the right supportive and padded packing materials inside.

Small Moving Boxes

  • LxWxH = 12″x16″x12″

Small moving boxes were once typically called “book boxes” and are for your most dense, heavy, and fragile items. A small box is the only safe size for books and other similarly heavy items, because even a medium box full of books, boards, or rocks, can bottom out or hurt someone to lift.

Small boxes are also the easiest to treat with care and to pack on top of a stack, if containing fragile items. Pack things like porcelain dolls or tea sets carefully wrapped in small boxes and clearly label “FRAGILE” on all sides.

Wardrobe Boxes (with bar)

  • LxWxH = 21″x24″x46″

Wardrobe boxes are for clothes that should not be folded, and for quickly packing closets if you’re in a hurry. The wardrobe box is tall, containing a metal bar along the top where you can hang clothes to travel as if in a cardboard closet. A dry cleaning bag can also be used to ensure your formal clothes are safe even inside the box.

Know your box sizes, and consider how many boxes you will need (about 10-15 per room) to complete your packing operations in comfort and style. Contact us to book moving services and order all the boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, and tape you need.

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